Turbo Movie OTT Release Date In 2024 | A Thrilling Cinematic Journey Awaits!

Turbo Movie OTT Release Date : After the success of Mammootty’s film ‘Bramyugam’, now all eyes are on his much awaited film ‘Turbo’. This movie has been released in theaters on 23 May. The film is directed by Vaishakh and the film promises to be an entertaining cinematic journey full of thrill, mystery and entertainment.
In today’s article, we will talk to you about the Turbo Movie OTT Release Date In Hindi, so read the article carefully.

Turbo Movie Story

Turbo Movie OTT Release Date
Turbo Movie OTT Release Date

The film tells a compelling story of Turbo Jose, whose life takes an incredible turn when he is thrown onto the bustling streets of Chennai. A series of unexpected events thrust Jose into a mission full of difficult obstacles and surprising turns amidst this busy metropolitan environment. Jose’s perseverance and tenacity are put to the ultimate test against the colorful backdrop of the city, creating a gripping story that holds the audience’s attention. The film reveals more and more of Jose’s character with each turn, telling a gripping tale of suspense and mystery as he navigates the difficulties of his new adventure amid urban devastation.

Turbo Cast & Crew

MammoottyTurbo Jose
Raj B. ShettyVetrivel Shanmugha Sundaram
SunilAuto Billa
Anjana JayaprakashIndulekha
Kabir Duhan SinghVincent
Shabareesh VarmaJerry
Alexander Prasanth
Johny AntonyVakachan
Niranjana AnoopSithara
Abin BinoSijo
Koushik Mahata
Namo NarayananDilli Babu
Amina NijamNirajhana
Bindu PanikkarRosakutty
Basil Paulose
Dileesh PothanAndrew
Rahul Rajagopal
Adarsh Sukumaran
Sruthy SureshNurse
Turbo Movie OTT Release Date In Hindi

Turbo Movie OTT Release Date In Hindi

Turbo Movie OTT Release Date In Hindi
Turbo Movie OTT Release Date

Turbo Movie OTT Release Date :There are rumors that this film may be released on OTT 45 days after its theatrical release so that people will be able to watch it easily in their homes. However, any official confirmation from the filmmakers regarding its official OTT release date is still awaited. To know about the official release date of this movie, stay connected to the latest developments as they happen.

Turbo Movie Trailer

Turbo Movie OTT Release Date In Hindi
Turbo Movie OTT Release Date

The much awaited trailer of the film has been released, which gives a glimpse of the mix of comedy and tremendous action. Mammootty has displayed impressive action skills as Turbo Jose in the movie. The teaser reveals Jose’s impressive fighting abilities, but his dominance is challenged by a dangerous opponent played by Raj B Shetty. Their unexpected encounter sets the stage for a tense conflict, leaving José at a loss about the events that led to their feud.


The story of Turbo movie is very interesting to watch, where the life of the main character Turbo Jose takes an incredible turn on the busy streets of Chennai. The film promises you a fun cinematic experience full of mystery, thrill and action.

The film has just been released in theaters and the official announcement of the OTT platform and release is yet to be made. The trailer is quite explosive and Mammootty’s powerful action and fight scenes with Raj B Shetty are making people eager to watch the film. It remains to be seen how Turbo Jose’s story progresses and whether he will be able to come out of this difficult situation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who directed Turbo?

Vaishakh directed the film Turbo.

When will Turbo be available on OTT platforms?

There is speculation that Turbo may be available on OTT platforms 45 days after its theatrical release, but official confirmation is still pending.

Who are the main actors?

Mammootty plays the lead role of Turbo Jose, while Raj B Shetty portrays his opponent.

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